Video Entries

While at World Youth Day, our pilgrims recorded some videos reflecting on their experiences! 

Jen's Reflection

Ellen Asks A Question at Catechesis Session

Ellen Reflects on Catechesis Session

Ju & Chris from Diversidade Catolica reflect on their organization and queer life in Brazil


Hi Ellen and co ...
What an amazing journey you experienced. I have watched only a couple of your posts (the "Question" and your blog on July 25) and was completely blown away by what your were sharing. Of course you were not the only LGBT Catholics at WYD, but to stand up and make your presence known was truly the work of the Holy Spirit and I bet you felt that a million times over!
I am involved with a GLBT Catholic group in Sydney and we too participated in the WYD when Sydney hosted it I 2008. I have a picture of us (all 4 of us!) walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the pilgrim walk waving a huge rainbow flag (the size of a bed sheet). We were very anxious when we commenced the walk as we were not too sure how we would be received. Well.... we received so much support and encouragement that by the time we reached the site of the Mass, we had people chasing after us to offer their support. The funny thing was that we were asked a number of times "what country" our flag was representing!! When we told them it was the universal gay pride flag some took a step backwards but mostly they were positive.
There is such a need for a GLBT presence at WYD. Its not going to come from the church, so we, the people, have to make it happen.... I am afraid the Australian Bishop did not answer your question satisfactorily, however, by the sound of the applause you received, questions like yours are top of many peoples minds.
Maybe you need to go to the next WYD and lead a larger contingent ??? Maybe, somehow, we need to network GLBT Catholic young people internationally and make the presence more felt!??
The Holy Spirit moves in wonderful ways ... I hope you felt the Spirit moving in you!
All the best .... Paul Harris

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