Top ten things I miss about our pilgrimage to WYD

Top ten things I miss about our pilgrimage to World Youth Day Rio

10. Our daily workout/obstacle course getting up and down the hill from and to our hostel.

9. Real fruit juice and popcorn with bacon.

8. Attempting to fly Equally Blessed kites on beautiful Copacabana.

7. Breaking the ice with a rainbow rosary, button, sticker, or inclusive prayer card.

6. Gathering in the morning or evening to pray and reflect with fellow EB pilgrims.

5. Marveling at the courage and chutzpa of fellow EB pilgrims.

4. Our wonderful new friends from Diversidade Católica.

3. Randomly yelling “Viva el Papa!” with large groups of strangers.

2. Saying “obrigad@,” “bom dia,” and “boa noite.”

1. Having real conversations about LGBT people and the Catholic church--may the dialogue continue in every corner of the world where a prayer card, rainbow rosary, or blog post has reached.



Sounds like a very moving experience. I hope the dialogue continues!

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