World Youth Day

Before the plunge

There are a lot of reasons I wanted to go on this trip, having confession on the beach is not the least of those reasons, but one of the things I think is most important is the dialogue that we will be having. If we had to sum up the goal of our trip into one word, I think that would be the word: dialogue. We are literally inserting ourselves into the biggest group of young Catholics we could find, so we can have some conversations.

More Brave Pilgrims on Their Way!

Today we introduce you to three more pilgrims who will be journeying to Rio for World Youth Day. Meet Delfin, Megan and Lauren! 

Meet Our WYD Pilgrims!

In just a few short days six brave pilgrims will be headed to Rio, Brazil to spread the message that we are all Equally Blessed!  It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to some of these fabulous pilgrims! Meet Ellen, Sara and Jennifer! 

Journey to Rio

The official theme of WYD 2013 urges us to “go and make disciples of all nations” as living witnesses of the Good News of the Gospel.   Next week we will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to proclaim the Good News that we are all created in God’s image and to live the Gospel call to love all God’s children and to treat them with dignity and respect.  This trip is not just about the six pilgrims who will fly to Rio; it’s also about the many people we will meet there and the many who will follow our journey and hear our message at home.


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