Equally Blessed members express concern about Crux moving to Knights of Columbus

DignityUSA, a member of the Equally Blessed coalition, has expressed grave concern after receiving news that the Knights of Columbus would underwrite the Catholic news service "Crux," effective April 1, 2016.

Noting that the Knights of Columbus have contributed over $6.25 million towards campaigns and measures that oppose same-sex marriage, Executive Director of DignityUSA Marianne Duddy-Burke asked:

How can we trust that the full range of Catholic perspectives on key issues facing our Church will continue to be covered by Crux? I am deeply concerned that the Knights may try to use the trust Crux has built as an authority on ‘all things Catholic’ to silence voices that have important perspectives on key issues facing our Church and our world.

Read more on DignityUSA's website.


This was my immediate reaction to the announcement, also. How will Crux maintain its integrity under the "sponsorship" of the KofC?

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