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Insider - Outsider

During the trip, our group balanced a dual outside/insider identity. We were outsiders in that we were preaching a gospel contrary to official church teaching, but in almost every other way, we were just like the other pilgrims. We wore the same T-shirts, hats and backpacks, we sang the same songs and said the same prayers at Masses. We got bored with same catechesis speakers, stood in the same lines to get food at crowed events and freaked out every time a motorcade went by thinking it might be the pope, just like everyone else.

Major Inspiration: Diversidade Catolica

On Thursday we got a major shot of inspiration by attending an event by a local LGBT Catholic group call Diversidade Catolica. We had connected with the group while planning for our pilgrimage and attending the event turned out to be an incredibly rich experience. 

Catechesis Interactions

Today was a day full of interesting experiences and interactions. Lots of adventures trying to navigate public transportation and good conversations with other pilgrims. Trying to retell it all would go on got pages, so for now I will just focus on our morning experience of catechesis (for any non-catholic readers, catechesis is religious education). 

Light posts on the journey

I am going to World Youth Day with a dual mission: to be a point of light for any LGBT youth that are present, and spread the message to all who encounter our pilgrimage, whether in person or through the media, that we must change the the harmful stance of the church on LGBT people. The relationships I have formed within the Dignity community give me the strength to make this journey, and I will be carrying all of their stories in my heart throughout the pilgrimage.

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